• 10/19/2020:We bow before Sai SoulDears in the name of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who took care of 25 senior residents of campus during the floods and road damages
  • 10/15/2020:Congradulations Prajwal on your job and thank you for your donation from your first salary
  • 10/9/2020:100 abhaya kits distributed in ATP District – Avineon CSR Activities
  • 9/28/2020:Thank you Avineon for your kind CSR support for corona relief operations
  • 9/28/2020:Very proud to have people like Srinivasa Rao, KNL to be associated with abhaya
  • 9/26/2020:abhaya-BHAROSA signed an MoU to work together on Women and Children Safety
  • 9/24/2020:abhaya Mission to help flood victims in AP
  • 9/21/2020:Thank you Sharekhan for being a part of help 2 help campaign
  • 9/17/2020:Happy Birthday Modiji
  • 9/16/2020: Sarvasri G Srinivas, Sri Phanindra, CS T Sriram & Mittapally Srinivas stood by the cause of providing kind supplies to feed the resident of abhaya Home.
  • 9/16/2020:Sreepadha inspired by Bharata Darshan video and donated Rs.50k for 1book

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abhaya Home of Happiness as we know it today is a charitable organization founded by Balachandra in the 2012 for serving the destitute….

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