Construction is a miracle:

The office bearers of VDS gave abhaya 12 months of time to start the civil work to crystallize the deal. With the will of God and the determination of abhaya Team entire campus was done in the shortest span of 9 months from the date of Foundation laying Ceremony in the month of Aug 2012. Not just them but all others were astonished with their steadfastness and gave a nod to the prior agreement. 

Construction of 16000 square feet is completed with a project cost of Rs.2.5 Cr and the Project was inaugurated in the month of August, 2013. Since then abhaya Home of Happiness has been witnessing many instances of ebb and flow, it was no less than a herculean task to collect funds and compose the infrastructure and coordinate the whole construction. Kind donations of congenial kith and kin and huge flow of CSR funds from corporate concerns has made this entire unit to stand tall. 

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abhaya Home of Happiness as we know it today is a charitable organization founded by Balachandra in the 2012 for serving the destitute….

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