Divine Blessings

Divine Blessings :

This was again a revelation about Divine Will and blessings to abhaya Home. In fact, when the Founder took the abhaya Home Sankalpa to Mount Kailash with prayers, he was fortunate to get Panchamukhi Rudraksha in Manasa Sarovar when he dipped his hand and a pebble similar to Mt Kailash.

These divine objects were placed in the FOUNDATION pit during foundation laying ceremony at abhaya campus.  All this was not shared with the HeArtist Murthy, but when he explained his thoughts, it was a revelation again about the Power of Divine flowing in to abhaya’s Mission to serve with the H.E.A.R.T…

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abhaya Home of Happiness as we know it today is a charitable organization founded by Balachandra in the 2012 for serving the destitute….

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