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The most beautiful image in the world is that of a genuine smile, a smile that naturally occurs in someone when we minimize their pain through our little deeds of selfless support and kindness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to
Serve with H.E.A.R.T.

H - Healthcare
E - Education / Empowerment
A - Awareness / Assurance
R - Rural Leadership / Development
T - Transformation

Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet - universal access to research and education, full participation in culture - to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Our Focus Areas E.E.E.

E - Education / Schools
E - Empowerment (Men & Women)
E - Enlightenment (abhaya Home of Happiness / Awareness & Transformation)

abhaya Home of Happiness

  • Located at Ibrahimpatnam, 35kms from Hyderabad.
  • 2 acres leased by Vinoba Nagar Development Society.
  • 16000 Sq. Ft built up area (4 blocks).
  • Protected by well done compound wall & Fensing.
  • Current/Water/Gas/ Ambulance/ 2-wheeler available.
  • Presently occupied by 20 destitute.
  • RO Water Plant, Solar Power and CC Cameras available.
  • 5kms — Ibrahimpatnam PHC available.
  • Check dam in the front side.
  • Greenery all over locality.

abhaya 14 Years

14 years journey… Lead by 30 Professionals
6000 Professionals & 100 Corporate Houses connected…
600+ surgeries done… supported 600+ students…
300 youngsters settled…
Supported 50 Schools & 25,000 kids in 4 states…
20 orphans rescued & cared…
motivated 15,00,000 people across the country…
50,000 blankets / 4000 Umbrellas distributed…
100s of families reprogrammed their lives…
monthly Newsletter reach 50,000 people…
abhaya Home of Happiness… caring 50 destitute…
empowered 8000 women & 2000 men
corporate support received for CSR Projects…
calamity relief activities undertaken…
Served in Africa / Nepal as well
Activities across India


Years Experience


Charity Donors


Charity Volunteers




All the GOOD WORK is happening only due to the support received from People and Corporate Houses. We appeal you to stand by abhaya Foundation while they are trying to serve the country men. Your support will surely makes a difference to the one in need. Prayers for your well being.

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