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The most beautiful image in the world is that of a genuine smile, a smile that naturally occurs in someone when we minimize their pain through our little deeds of selfless support and kindness. This is the precept behind abhaya: ‘alleviation of suffering!’ The small acts of help many times go a long way in bringing relief to someone who is acutely suffering in some way.

What We Do


Healthcare in India is one of the most critical areas on which maximum focus must be placed. Thousands of sick people die each day due to lack of access to proper healthcare.


abhaya believe that change is possible in the world only through education. In pursuit of this noble objective, abhaya now hosts nearly 400 students in two schools at Anantapur.

Hunt The Winter

As part of its mission to spread love & care for the community around, abhaya decided to take up “Hunt the Winter” project. Our aim is to distribute 1000 blankets every year with help of kind hearted sponsors. 

Rural Development

Though the rural sector contributes tremendously to the vote bank and ironically is the real elector of a government, much of the sector remains neglected, with poor sanitation, poor infrastructure, poor employment, poor education and poor healthcare.


Swami Vivekananda says that true transformation of the self can happen only when you serve. Transformation is the only way one can hope to improve our society and develop the world. Many of abhaya’s volunteers are examples of transformed souls.


We at abhaya foundation firmly believe that awareness is the key to social progress. We cover a wide array of subjects such as moral awareness, social awareness, health awareness, awareness on hygiene and sanitation, awareness on education.

News & Events


10/15/2020: Congradulations Prajwal on your job and thank you for your donation from your first salary


10/21/2020: Happy Anniversary Smt and CA SNM and thank you for your donation

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